Our Juniors

Children are able to snuggle with a good book and a comfy pillow under a tree or use their imagination to soar like a fairy in the dress-up area.  While learning is more structured, free play encourages the child to explore and imagine of far-off places.  Our Preschool Program is designed to provide our "Three's" an environment in which to continue to grow and learn.  We thrive from the enthusiasm the children bring each day- they want to grow, learn and explore, and all own their own terms.  Independence is fundamental to this age, and nurtured positively, will give your child the tools they need to be successful and happy adults.  We begin to implement more structure, and curriculum additions are designed to encourage individual growth.  We introduce daily calendar activities, giving a bare bones introduction to time, calendar and what the theme/content area of the week is.  This program is designed for each child to interact, focusing on self esteem and verbal expression.  This opportunity gives children the opportunity to present and create in front of their peers, encouraging a strong sense of self.  We further our focus on socialization and give the children the words to communicate effectively with one another.  We utilize a formal curriculum entitled The Creative Curriculum which introduces language, reading readiness (letter recognition, awareness of print and its purpose), math through manipulative, science, and music while always encouraging positive social interaction and building strong self confidence.  Children participate in circle time, large and small group functions, one-on-one teacher-guided activities and self-directed activities.  Our preschool room is divided into learning centers including an art area, library (or book nook); dramatic play area, blocks, manipulative and games area, sensory table, computers, and a discovery science center.