Our Freshman

 Our “Freshman” program, otherwise known as our infant and early toddler program, cherishes and enjoys each child as an individual.  We look at each infant's specific needs and tailor a day completely around them; we make no attempt to impose a formal center schedule or routine to your infant in our Freshman I room.  Our biggest goal at Bonaventure Academy is to create an environment of security, which allows your child to begin the exploration process with freedom.  We nurture, interact, and play with your infant in developmentally appropriate ways to stimulate cognitive, physical, and psychosocial growth.  We meet regularly with each parent to discuss the needs and concerns of each child, fill out an individual schedule, and update it whenever necessary.  The parent can expect to receive a written "Baby Times" at the end of each day, giving you, the parent, crucial information regarding feeding, diapering, and other relevant information of the day.   Our Freshman II program is designed for those infants who have become mobile and are looking for new rooms to explore.  This is where we begin to “try” to introduce a bit of routine and scheduling so that we can introduce more content.  We sing, we dance, and we play- a busy day for our smallest members.